The Keystone Way

We understand the common frustrations our clients experience when utilizing an expert:

  • Extensive report turn-around times, which delay the claims process and further frustrate your policy holder,
  • Inflated costs which do not feel justified,
  • Tough- to-understand reports, which require further clarification, leading to delays in the report process, and
  • A lack of communication between the engineering firm and client

You are just trying to do the right thing! Requesting an expert report should be an easy step, not a hassle.

To help you, our client, fulfill the obligation of your policy quickly, ensure full faith and pay what you owe to help restore damage, you need an engineering firm that understands time is of the essence. An engineer request should be a positive customer experience and demonstrate to the insured you have their biggest investment at heart, not one that drags the claims process out leaving your policyholders thinking you are dragging out the settlement.

The Keystone Way, a relevant solution

To prevent delays, costly reports and a poor customer experience, Keystone utilizes the following process to track, control and deliver a clear, first rate-rate product, on time and at the right price! Best of all, we communicate with you, our client, during the entire process.


Who We Are

Headquartered in Colorado with a nationwide reach, Keystone Experts and Engineers specializes in forensic engineering for commercial and residential structures.  Our company has built a strategic and skilled national base of multi-disciplined engineers, giving us the ability to handle day-to-day volume, as well as the capacity to scale up to meet the needs of our clients when large weather events occur.

Even when demand increases, our turnaround times remain at the top of the industry.

Keystone’s Streamlined Solution

Keystone understands your needs.  We have developed a streamlined solution centering on the customer experience. At Keystone, submitting an engineer request is simple, response times are quick and reports are efficient.

Our Company Philosophy

Keystone’s mission is to provide a level of commitment to our customers that goes beyond industry standards.  We proactively utilize quality resources and highly-experienced experts and engineers to quickly and efficiently deliver technical and fact-based reports.  Reports are tailored to our customers’ wants, specially designed to meet their needs, and delivered to meet their timeline.



Structural Inspections

Our structural inspection service offers an on-site assessment and evaluation of the structural components and integrity of a building or home. Our expert engineers focus on foundation shifting, soil concerns, interior cracking and framing movement, sagging or bowing floors/walls, roof failure, etc. Once the on-site investigation is completed, our professional engineers prepare a detailed structural
engineering report, which outlines the on-site findings, identifying probable cause of the structural damage and recommendations for repair. A photo report documenting existing conditions are also prepared at the time on the on-site visit.

Storm Damage

Our storm damage service offers an on-site assessment and evaluation following a major storm event such as a hurricane, flood, snow, or mudslide. Our engineers assess if damages were the result of:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Maintenance
  • Improper construction or design
  • Flooding
  • High winds
  • Wind-driven rain
  • Hail
  • Snow accumulation

This assessment utilizes forensic techniques and engineering science to determine and document the extent of the damage, the various causations (wind, flood, and storm surge), and all other damage, such as water intrusion or damage to roof coverings. The safety of the occupants is the primary concern and is established immediately upon inspection.

Fire Investigation

Our fire inspection service includes an origin and cause investigation, an engineering analysis of debris, an analysis of structural integrity, and recommendations for repair. Keystone has certified experts who work fully
within the NFPA 921 regulations, and in compliance with all national and state discipline guidelines. We offer engineers who are certified fire investigators, certified fire and explosion investigators, and many who hold IFSAC accreditation.


  • Structural Evaluations
  • Hurricane damage assessments
  • Storm Surge Determinations
  • Flood damage assessments’
  • Litigation Expert Testimony
  • Wind Damage Assessments
  • Water Intrusion Analyses
  • Fire Investigations
  • Tornado damage assessments
  • Sink hole assessments
  • Hail Damage Assessments
  • Elevation Surveys
  • Electrical Engineering Assessments
  • Earthquake damage assessments
  • Mudslides



Keystone Experts and Engineers is a full-service Forensic Engineering Firm. I like to think of our company as an extension to the claims process not the litigation process. While we do offer litigation support when a claim escalates to that level, most of our involvement is to provide our clients with the information they need to properly apply their policy or deliver a scope of repair for a complex loss. We have found that our involvement on the front-end of a claim significantly lowers the number of claims that reach the costly litigation level.

With over a decade of experience working with insurance companies on the claims side and dealing with engineering firms, I saw a large opportunity to provide engineering resources that operated within timelines, which aligned with industry expectations. To achieve that, we are constantly advancing our technology and systems to streamline every aspect of our operations to bring down the turnaround times which already rank among the best in the industry.

We take great pride in providing a unique and quality service to each of our clients. Keystone operates openly and holds the highest ethical standards; we are accountable to our clients and to each other; we are devoted to continuous innovation and improvement in our services; we view our employees as our most treasured asset and continuously strive to attract, retain and support the highest quality work force.

Thank you.

Daniel Price - Principal

Daniel Price
Principal, Keystone Experts and Engineers

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